One Step Lawn

Last Updated on [1/3/2020].

Terms and Conditions

These Terms & Conditions apply to any work performed and materials supplied by One Step Lawn, LLC (“One Step,” “One Step Lawn,” “we,” “us,” “our,” or “Contractor”) and are incorporated into the estimate/invoice (“Invoice”) provided to you (“The Customer”) and shall govern unless expressly modified or excluded in writing by both parties. Upon Customer’s signing of the Invoice, together with these Terms & Conditions, form a binding contract between the parties.


Scheduling within our business relies heavily upon the weather, scheduling can be difficult at times. Inclement weather may affect scheduling. We try our best to keep scheduling conflicts to a minimum; however, circumstances that are beyond our control may affect your project start and completion dates. Lawn care, and mowing services are placed on a specific schedule and may be adjusted as needed throughout the season by our professionals. Please note that if our lawn care crews come to your property to perform scheduled lawn care service and your lawn is freshly mowed by another person or provider without notice to our company, a charge of 50% of your regular service cost will be assessed to your account.

  • Weekly Mowing
  • With our weekly lawn service, your grass will be professionally maintained weekly April through October. Start of the mowing season varies based on weather.

  • Bi-Weekly Mowing
  • With our bi-weekly lawn service, your lawn will be professionally manicured every other week from March through October. Start of the mowing season varies based on weather.

    **We highly recommend our weekly mowing service if you want your lawn looking its best. A bi-weekly mowing schedule may result in an uneven cut, clumps left on the lawn, and browning of the grass in areas.

    **Please be aware – we cannot send our crews back or issue a credit for not mowing inside a fenced area that is locked. Please take care of locked fences beforehand to avoid such problems. Mowing of the non-accessible area will be completed on the next scheduled mowing.
    Lawn Care Programs

    With our lawn care programs we currently service every 6 – 8 weeks. Customers have the option to be billed monthly or per service. One Step Lawn reserves the right to modify our services at any given time based on weather and environmental conditions.


    The client accepts that he/she will pay One Step Lawn the full contract sum (all costs incurred) together with tax if any properly chargeable upon the contract. Customers on a recurring service plan (mowing, lawn care) will be required to place a credit card on file unless another form of payment is agreed upon before service start date and payments will automatically be processed on the day of or shortly after each service. For your protection, please do not email or text your credit card number. Customers can place their credit card on file securely online through their Client Hub or we can call you to input your data.

    For large additional services (mulching, top dressing, etc.) A deposit of 1/3 down will be required prior to the start date. Payment for the remainder will be due upon completion. The client will pay any extra works, or costs due to unknown difficulties or changes, which are not within the estimate. Larger contracts may be broken into payments once 50% has been paid for. Frequency and amount will be agreed upon by client and One Step Lawn.

    Auto Pay Agreement

    Customer’s enrollment in Auto-Pay option constitutes Customer’s agreement to the following terms and provisions which shall be deemed a binding part of Customer’s agreement to receive and pay for services provided by One Step Lawn.

  • Customer agrees to pay for all services provided and authorizes One Step Lawn to initiate electronic payment transactions from the credit card account that Customer has provided to One Step Lawn.
  • There will be a $35 fee for NSF payments via check and a $10 fee for declined credit card transactions. One Step Lawn operates on a NET 15 and any invoice that is deemed past due will incur a $10 late fee which will be added to each past due invoice. After each payment an electronic receipt will be emailed or text to you.
  • Collections

    If we do not receive payment in full by the 30th of the month (15 days past the due date) we will have to temporarily terminate services until the balance is paid in full. If the balance isn’t paid in full after one month of our office trying to contact you either by phone or email, your account will be taken to small claims court and/or a mechanical lien filed immediately and you will be responsible for attorney fees and all court costs.

    Materials on site

    Materials delivered to site become the responsibility of the client. The contractor accepts no responsibility for loss damage or expense after delivery of materials to site for any reason. Any material brought to, delivered, or removed from the site, excess to the contractor’s requirements remains the possession of and removable by the contractor.

    Maintenance After Completion

    After completion of some services; aeration, slice seeding, seeding, overseeding, fertilizer applications, weed control, etc., proper maintenance of the site passes to the client. Proper maintenance from the homeowner can include watering daily, keeping debris off newly established lawn, eliminating walking on the newly established lawn, etc.

    Courtesy and Safety

    Chemicals will be used during your fertilization and weed control treatments. While One Step Lawn is on location at your property, you (The Customer) are responsible for keeping all children and pets, as well as other individuals, away from the work area. Please keep the work area cleared of all children and pets for 24 hours following an herbicide application. During a mowing service please make sure all children and pets are inside so they are not exposed to any debris that may be thrown from the equipment.


    One Step Lawn cannot be held liable for damage however, we can replace certain items for a small fee. Damage to certain unavoidable areas that could be affected by a string trimmer, including, but not limited to: fencing, mailbox posts, deck posts, fences, swing sets and play areas, unprotected siding that may be low to the ground, unmarked plants placed outside of regular beds, and other unprotected or unmarked areas or broken sprinkler heads. Sprinkler equipment failure is not the responsibility of the lawn maintenance crew, ex. Pop-up heads that don’t return to the proper position are equipment failure. Equipment installed and working properly should never be damaged by lawn equipment. One Step Lawn will not take responsibility for sprinkler heads/systems that are not installed property and as a result are damaged by our equipment. One Step Lawn will take responsibility for damage once a supervisor inspects the damage and determines the damage was caused by the crew’s carelessness or negligence.

  • We will not take responsibility for any exposed wires, cables, electrical cables, etc. that are not installed property and are cut or damaged by our equipment. If it is determined that the damage was caused by the crew’s carelessness or negligence, One Step Lawn will assume responsibility.
  • We are not responsible for foreign materials left on the lawn, i.e. toys, hoses, paper, etc. If an item should be directly damaged by our equipment, we will communicate the issue with you as soon as possible; if you notice that an item has been damaged that is not a foreign item, i.e. a/c unit, screen door, window, etc. Please notify us within 24 hours per our satisfaction guarantee.

    Customer authorizes One Step Lawn to access Customer’s property on days and times of One Step Lawn’s choosing to provide the services requested. One Step Lawn may further move personal property on the grounds as may be reasonably needed to perform its services.


    One Step Lawn reserves the right to revise its terms and conditions from time to time. Customer will be notified of any changes and agrees that Customer’s continued use of One Step Lawn services after receiving such notice constitutes acknowledgement and agreement to be bound by the revised terms and conditions.


    One Step Lawn’s failure to enforce any of these Terms or Conditions shall not be deemed a waiver of One Step Lawn’s rights. If a court finds a provision in this Agreement to be invalid, Customer and One Step Lawn agree that such court should incorporate a similar provision that would be considered valid, with all other provisions remaining valid and enforceable.

    Satisfaction Guarantee

    Your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the quality of service you have received, please contact us within 24 hours. This contact may be in the form of a phone call, voicemail, or email. Please leave your contact information and description of the issue in detail. If you contact us after regular business hours (Monday through Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm), we will contact you as soon as possible when we re-open. If an issue should arise after the 24-hour window, it may be due to an issue of mother nature or other circumstances and will be fixed on a per case basis.