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Our Ashburn, VA lawn seeding and overseeding services have helped many local residents in the Ashburn, South Riding, Chantilly, Aldie, Centreville and surrounding areas as well as business owners, establish a lush and healthy lawn.

Overseeding is an integral part of routine lawn maintenance, overseeding can be performed any time we notice sparse growth and/or bald spots in your lawn, or to restore grass areas after a harsh winter. We offer homeowners an affordable option for lawn care with our signature maintenance programs designed to beautify the health of your lawn while eliminating any hassle and frustration. 

Why hire a professional for overseeding?

A proper lawn care program goes beyond overseeding. Your lawn may have other needs in order to look its best. A professional can advise you on additional lawn care services, such as dethatching, aeration, fertilization, and weed control. Our professionals will help determine the right type and amount of grass seed needed, and the proper care required to ensure success. A different blend of seed may be suggested to make your lawn more tolerant to conditions such as insects, disease, and drought.

The benefits of overseeding your lawn


Overseeding helps with turf thickening and will not allow weeds the room to grow and take over the lawn, thus increasing the overall lawn color and health. Overseeding in the spring will in turn fill-in dead and bare spots in the lawn which will prepare the lawn to look its best during the summer months.


Overseeding offers several other key benefits to your lawn, which include:

 Improving the appearance of the lawn.

 Helping the lawn to fight insects and disease.

 Filling in areas of grass damaged by insects, disease, or stress.

 Overseeding rapidly repairs lawn damage.

 Improve bare and thin patches of grass.

 Thicken the lawn.

Introduce new grass species to an existing lawn.

Overseeding works best with aeration

Overseeding services are usually combined with lawn aeration. Lawn aeration involves pulling plugs or cores of soil from the lawn. Once that is completed, seed is then planted using a spreader. The holes created during the aeration process allow the seeds to make better contact with the soil. This increases germination levels and leads to a thicker, lusher lawn.

If you are interested in improving the appearance and health of your lawn, One Step Lawn can help with our overseeding service. Our highly trained professionals are prepared to ensure that the proper package is selected and your lawn gets the best treatment offered.

Discover the benefits that experience and passion combine to create by scheduling your free lawn assessment now. We promise exceptional service with guaranteed satisfaction. Give us a call for all of your overseeding needs!

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