It may seem funny and look even funnier, but aerating a lawn is actually pretty serious business. Literally allowing your lawn to breathe, aeration helps roots grow deeper by alleviating soil compaction. By perforating the soil with small holes, we help air, water and nutrients penetrate the ground, delivering a needed boost to the roots, ultimately creating a robust, healthy and lush lawn. Not every lawn needs annual aeration; however, it is recommended for clay-heavy soils and for newly established lawns or those that are in poor condition. Proper aeration also invigorates grass areas that are subjected to lots of foot traffic and pet use.

Signs You Might Need To Hire An Ashburn Aeration Company

Aeration is meant to improve the health of your yard. Many common yard maladies are signs that your lawn could benefit from Ashburn lawn aeration services. Here are some things to watch out for.


Thatch is the dead leaves, roots, and grass shoots that accumulates on the surface of a lawn between soil and healthy grass. It is the consequence of organic debris building up before it can be broken down. While small amounts of thatch can benefit your lawn, if it gets too thick, it starts to eat up the health of a lawn.

Pooling Water

Not only is pooling water in your lawn a walking hazard and an eye sore, it also hurts the health of your lawn and can erode its soil. Compacted soil often causes pooling water, creating a barrier between the water and the ground.

Difficulty Digging

When soil is compacted, it can become extremely hard to work with. Difficulty digging or performing yard work tasks may indicate that your lawn’s soil is too densely packed together.


Unlike thatching, browning is actually your grass dying. It can be caused from an assortment of things, including excessive foot traffic, weed dieback,  dog urine, fungus, and grubs.

Declining Plant Health

Plants need nutrients and water from the ground to grow. If the soil is too dense, its roots are unable to reach down deep enough to get those nutrients.

Why One Step Lawn?

At One Step Lawn, we provide a full assessment of your grass and plant health in order to make proper recommendations for your yard. With a variety of subscription-based maintenance packages, we provide the services you need for your yard, and nothing more. Providing residents and business owners expert lawn care for more than a decade, we promise stunning results you can be proud of.

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