Adding texture, interest and color to any exterior space, flower beds boost the appeal for both residential and commercial properties. Not only do they add a beautiful enhancement, they can be designed to attract area birds, butterflies and bees. However, the blend of a variety of plants can make their long-term care complicated and confusing. Eliminating the guesswork and alleviating the stress from the minds of local land owners, the experts at One Step Lawn offer customized flower bed services, designed to protect the health and beauty of your flowers and plants.

As experts in local horticulture, we first assist residents and business owners with intelligent plant choices. Native plants require less water, food, and maintenance than those from out of the area, letting you enjoy their beauty without the hefty price tag and consistent issues of exotic plants. From feeding to mulching, to weed- and pest-control methods, we provide a comprehensive menu of services to extend the life of your flower beds.

From your front porch planters to your backyard gardens, we can ensure that the beauty of your lawn can only be matched by the allure of your flower beds. As an a la carte option or an inclusion in any of our subscription-based maintenance plans, flower bed care by One Step Lawn promises stunning results that last.

Schedule your free yard assessment and service estimate now and discover the beauty of expert lawn care.