Are you looking for a lawn aeration company in Ashburn? Having a lawn aeration service performed on your yard is a great way to ensure that it grows as healthy and vibrant as possible. Here at One Step Lawn, we have years of experience with lawn care that we can bring to bear for your benefit. If you are on the fence about whether you can benefit from a lawn aeration service, we go over the advantages of lawn aeration for your yard here.

Reduce the Buildup of Thatch

Thatch is a layer of dead grass that builds up on your lawn over time. Eventually, the thatch can layer so thick that it actually starts to steal necessary water and nutrients from the lawn. Luckily, when you aerate your lawn, you create pathways for thatch decomposing microorganisms in the soil to make their way up to the layer of thatch, consuming it and allowing water and nutrients through.

Improve Grass Health

As we mentioned, your grass needs access to water and nutrients to thrive. But even without a thick layer of thatch blocking these, it can be hard for the grassroots to access everything they need to grow. Aeration allows the grassroots to reach the water and nutrients even lower into the ground, allowing it to take firmer root and grow more healthy.

Relieve Soil Compaction

You may be noticing a trend here; plants need water and nutrients to thrive. Soil compaction is just another way that access to water and nutrients can be blocked. Essentially, soil compaction is just densely packed earth. Aeration breaks up the earth and reduces the density, freeing up your grass’ roots to access the nutrients around them.

Regulates pH Levels

By combining an application of lime or sulphur to your lawn right after aeration, the beneficial changes in pH level can reach deeper into the soil. A well regulated pH level deep into the soil is important to create the conditions that will allow your grass to grow.

Less Runoff

If your yard is prone to water runoff or puddling, then soil aeration can actually ease the problem. Often, runoff can be an issue with the water’s ability to seep into the ground.

Prepare Grass for Dormancy

When you combine a Fall seasonal aeration service with a fertilization service, you can prep your lawn to survive the dormant winter. Make sure that you leave enough time for the nutrients to soak into the ground before the harsh winter weather comes in.


Have we piqued your interest about our Ashburn soil aeration service? If you are looking to get your yard looking vibrant and healthy, the professionals at One Step Lawn are the people to call! We offer a whole host of lawn care services on top of aeration. For more information about how we can get your lawn looking its best quickly and easily, give us a call at your earliest convenience. We will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.